Giclees by Jacek Yerka.
Jacek Yerka is now one of most renown Polish contemporary surreal painters. His acrylic paintings sell over 100k euro, and the Artist creates only 8 works per year.
To satisfy the great demand for his art, we create and sell giclees – high fidelity, limited edition signed prints. Jacek Yerka supervise the creation process when it comes to the the colour correction.
Each copy is hand signed by Yerka and comes with appropriate certificate.

Jacek Yerka has won international awards for his art, and has had exhibitions in Warsaw, Dusseldorf, Los Angeles, Paris and London.
He works and resides, with his family, in a rural enclave of his native Poland. Born in Poland in 1952, Jacek Yerka studied fine art and graphics prior to becoming a full-time artist in 1980.While at university, Yerka resisted the constant pressures of his instructors to adopt the less detailed, less realistic techniques that characterize so much of contemporary art.

Basing on precise painting techniques, taking pattern from former masters like Jan van Eyck or Hieronymus Bosch but mainly on his unlimited imagination he creates surrealistic compositions, particularly admired by enthusiasts of sci-fi in all varieties.
Yerka inspired the fantasy writer Harlon Ellison to write 30 short stories which along with Yerka pictures constituted the publication entitled “Mind Fields”.
The same American publisher “Morpheus International” released the album “The Fantastic Art of Jacek Yerka”.

In 1995 the artist was awarded the prestigious World Fantasy Award for the best artist. He exhibits in Poland and abroad (in Germany, France and USA among others), being an esteemed representative of the science fiction stream of art. His paintings have recently inspired film makers.

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